Who’s Funny

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Funny Blogs I Love in Random Order

woogs-worldWoogs World

Mrs. Woog blogs about her everyday life in the funniest way possible. You will laugh 🙂



the bloggess100The Bloggess

Jenny puts perspective into life. Her funny, crazy perspective 🙂


parentalparody Parental Parody

Georgia puts an awesome spin on the funny side of life. Live it up Georgia, live it up 🙂


reservoir dadReservoir Dad

Clint reveals the conversations that guys have when they’re hanging out. Ladies, this is like Guys 101. Great job, Clint 🙂




I think you’ll like this one. Her sense of humour is fantastic.


hyperboleandahalfHyperbole and a Half

Allie’s stories are funny and her artwork is awesome. Keep drawing the funny Allie 🙂


crabbyoldfart Crabby Old Fart

Careful with this blog. You may pee your pants from laughing so hard.